When I was an Incoming Freshman, Iowa State’s recruiting slogan was “Choose your Adventure”. It’s not a terrible slogan but at the time I did not appreciate its significance. Five years later, that phrase holds a special gravity for me. As I quickly approach graduation and becoming an full time software engineer it is clear to me that my course work and experiences have been critical to my professional success. I certainly was able to choose my educational adventure and I am proud of how I have grown and changed over the course of college.
As I have approached the end of my academic road I have had time to reflect on my experiences and my expectations for the future. When I graduate I hope to have a job building distributed systems using web technologies. The cloud, big data, and the security challenges of the task excite me and I believe that the field will provide ample opportunity for me to learn and grow as an engineer.
While at Iowa State, I have been heavily involved on campus and the community. I spent four years in the ISUCF’V’MB (Iowa State Cyclone Football ‘Varsity’ Marching Band). For three of those years I played snare drum, and for my final year I was selected to be one of the three drum majors. Through the band I have been able to travel to places like Memphis, Tennessee for the Liberty Bowl in 2012, and Normandy France to represent the United States in the 2016 D-Day commemorative ceremonies.
Why? Every year farmers across America lose hundreds of thousands of dollars selling their head. Keeping track of each individual head’s feed, weight, age, and health is an overwhelming task to do be hand. On top of this, the Chicago Stock Exchange only provides room for profit a few hours each week. Cattle Krush allows farmers to track every aspect of each individual head’s health. It automatically calculates useful figures such as the cost of feeding head to a certain weight, or how long it will take for a head to reach its target weight.
Sky Dev is a multi-user web based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and text editor which facilitates team programming. Users of Sky Dev, can remotely collaborate with teammates on programming projects. The features include: an integrated development environment that features code completion, chat service, multi user text editing, and the ability to run code using the built in console. Sky Dev is built using Dart, a general purpose programming language which can be run on a stand alone VM or compiled to Javascript.
The purpose of having a “Code of Ethics is to hold ourselves to a certain standard and recognize that with great power comes great responsibility. As engineers in some cases the things we make decide life or death depending on the quality of our work. It is important to understand that cutting corners and doing things unethically is wrong and in some cases outright dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
Blackboard binder is a tool for managing Blackboard Materials. My team built the application to scratch a personal itch. It has always been painful to manage course materials on blackboard and we wanted to help alleviate the problem. To achieve this we built a webscraper which would log in to Blackboard as the given user and then download the course materials from all of their classes. The project was built using python and the flask web framework.
Career Aide is a project I built with my younger brother for Hack ISU Spring 2017. Technologies used: MongoDB Node.js Angular 2 LoopBack Inspiration Updating your resume can be time consuming at best and down right painful at worst. We wanted to come up with an awesome hack that will make our lives easier What it does This Career Aide gives users the ability to manage and create dynamic html and pdf based resumes.
The Mars Rover was the final project for my Computer Engineering 288 Class (Embedded Systems). In the class we learned about programming embedded systems which are small microchips with limited memory and processing power. In our case, we programmed on the ATMEGA128 processor mounter on an iRobot platform. The iRobot Create platform we used included infrared sensors, sonar sensors and a servo. The main goal of the project was to navigate the Rover to avoid obstacles and end up at a “Check Point” determined by 4 small pillars surrounding it.