Blackboard binder is a tool for managing Blackboard Materials. My team built the application to scratch a personal itch. It has always been painful to manage course materials on blackboard and we wanted to help alleviate the problem. To achieve this we built a webscraper which would log in to Blackboard as the given user and then download the course materials from all of their classes. The project was built using python and the flask web framework.
Career Aide is a project I built with my younger brother for Hack ISU Spring 2017. Technologies used: MongoDB Node.js Angular 2 LoopBack Inspiration Updating your resume can be time consuming at best and down right painful at worst. We wanted to come up with an awesome hack that will make our lives easier What it does This Career Aide gives users the ability to manage and create dynamic html and pdf based resumes.
Written in C#, Kinect With Yoga uses the Microsoft Kinect to bring the self-therapeutic value of yoga to your home. Through a simple desktop interface, users can select one of six default yoga positions. After a position is selected, a stick figure overlay appears on the screen to show the correct posture. Using skeletal tracking, the Kinect detects users and live updates them on how closely they match the selected yoga position.
The Mars Rover was the final project for my Computer Engineering 288 Class (Embedded Systems). In the class we learned about programming embedded systems which are small microchips with limited memory and processing power. In our case, we programmed on the ATMEGA128 processor mounter on an iRobot platform. The iRobot Create platform we used included infrared sensors, sonar sensors and a servo. The main goal of the project was to navigate the Rover to avoid obstacles and end up at a “Check Point” determined by 4 small pillars surrounding it.
Peeps is an application which helps you learn the names of your coworkers. Peeps pulls contacts from outlook and quizzes you on their names in faces. Our team created peeps as part of the 2017 Microsoft One Week hackathon Technologies used: Node.js Express Microsoft Graph API Angular 2 Redux Inspiration What it does How we built it Challenges we ran into Accomplishments that we’re proud of What we learned What’s next for Peeps